Avoiding Burnout.

1st May, 2017

Avoiding Burnout.

Green Apple Coaching would like to offer you, Profesional Yacht Crew, a chance to find new ways of coping throughout the upcoming summer season.
Does your experience tell you, that half way through the season your patience and strength starts to wane? Does it become harder and harder to keep the always needed smile on your face? Does the crew and guests start to get on your nerves? Do tempers get frayed, because you have now worked for 2 months or maybe even 3 without a day off?
This is all normality for us as yacht crew and the constant demands can bring us to near breaking point.
Does any of this sound familiar? It certainly does to me.
After several years as a super yacht chef, I went through this myself on several occations and listened to many stories of crew burnout.
But it doesn´t necessarily have to be like that. You can choose to learn new coping strategies and to have support throughout the long season by signing up to coaching sessions designed to your exact needs. Sessions can be done over the phone, so you can have contact throughout the season from anywhere.

Have a Healthy Summer Season.

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