“Take the first step towards raising your standards

and start living life to your full potential.”

– Anne Nielsen




Teaming up with a Life Coach means gaining support to help you create and fulfil your life’s potential one step at a time. As you uncover important core issues, you will see the deep rooted fears and limiting beliefs for what they really are — A hindrance that consciously or subconsciously stops you from achieving the life you dream of.

If you’re unsure of where to start, are overwhelmed with the thoughts of what to do, you’re in the right place, because this is where coaching can help.

Anne Nielsen can help anyone who finds themselves standing at a crossroad and wants change, but specialises in Stress Coaching and Life Balance. 

“Life balance can be very hard to achieve in today’s society of believing that if we don’t strive for something better we are not doing enough. In return, this makes us stressed out thinking we must earn more money, have a better house, car, holiday etc.  to keep up with the demands that society dictates to us. It has become more and more difficult to find a way of living, where we work, as well as spend enough time with our friends, family and doing the things we love. “Easy Living” is the aim and it is possible for any of us to achieve this, if we are prepared to make changes to our lives.”

What is “Easy Living”?

“Easy living” transpires when an individual finds balance between work, life commitments and relaxation methods. When he/she no longer lives to work but works to live. When life pressures feel manageable and time is left in the day to relax, do hobbies and exercise.
“Easy living” can be achieved by first recognising which stressors occur, and learning how to deal with them by setting achievable goals, changing attitudes towards perfectionism, expensive lifestyle and competition, and adopting a more relaxed attitude to life.