About Anne

  “To dare is to lose hold

for just a moment,

not to dare is to

lose oneself.”

– Søren Kierkegaard



Danish born Anne, now living in Mallorca permanently, spent a lifetime as a chef within and around the yachting industry. She also worked in England as well as studied in London, gaining a BA (Hons) degree in Hotel & Catering Management at Westminster Kingsway College/Nottingham Trent University. She has lived and invested in real estate in both France and Spain, and even started and ran her own business in Mallorca in between it all. Today Anne has been self employed for a total of 24 years and has, one step at a time, made the commitment to design the life she wants. Her personal success has inspired her to showing others how they too can change their life by defining goals and making these transitions.

There have been times when I felt like my life had fallen off the tracks and that I was just going through the motions. I felt burnt out, discontent, trapped and unhappy. Occasionally I would sit in this place of mediocrity for a painful amount of time. Although it appeared I was living a great life of travel, sailing and meeting great people, there was always something missing. I felt there was more and I wanted more.

Alcohol had been a major factor in my life for years. I always believed that drinking with friends was fun fun fun, but over time it started to take its toll on my mind and my happiness. The day came, when I knew I had to do something about it. I had reached a new lowOn that day, as I changed everything, everything changed for me. I knew that there would be no going back, because I wanted the change completely. I wanted to live differently.

At this time, Anne’s life became a continuous search for new recipes for personal fulfilment. Growing more and more curious about life, she gave up alcohol completely 8 years ago and indulged in personal development literature. She became committed to empowering herself by learning and listening, while discovering her deeper self. Her approachable demeanour and her positive outlook on life made Life Coaching an easy decision.

Anne earned her ACTP Life Coaching Certification at the highly regarded Manning Inspire School of Coaching in Copenhagen, Denmark. To further her knowledge and expertise she also gained certification in Stress Coaching at ACS Distance Education.