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How do I have a session with Anne and what are the costs?

Session costs:

February offers:

  • First session: Book an hour and get 1 hour for free. €50

  •  10+% reduction when purchasing 8 session hours. €300

    Price list:

  • Cost per 1 hour session € 50

  • Cost for 5 session hours € 225 (To be used within 1 year). 

  • Cost for 8 session hours € 350 (To be used within 1 year 1/2)

 Why does the package expire?

Life coaching is highly effective when implemented immediately into your life. The coaching sessions have the greatest impact when  done in relatively quick succession to ensure change.

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How do I have a session?

  • Face to face at an agreed venue in Mallorca. (Unavailable during July and August)

  • Skype. Skype sessions are extremely convenient when client and coach are in different locations.

  • Telephone. Sessions can easily be done over the phone.

I’m not involved with yachting or an expat, can I still work with Anne?

Green Apple Coaching is not limited to any particular person, it is simply for those in search of authentic change and who truly want it.

What if the relationship doesn’t work out?

In the event that Anne doesn’t believe working together is going to be beneficial, Anne can make the decision to end the coaching/client relationship, and a refund correlating with the remaining sessions will be issued.

In the event the client has bought a package, but wishes to end the coaching relationship, the client will be charged for each session already completed, at the full hourly rate. Any administration costs incurred by the coach will also be charged to the client. The remainder of the fee will be refunded in full.