“No one said it will be easy,

but with commitment to change

there is a real possibility

of a life beyond your wildest dreams.”

-Anne Nielsen




Cathleen says: “The quarantine was affecting me greatly as i was alone. With no loved ones around and my family over 3000 miles away I was falling into a dark place and struggling to take care of myself properly. Especially after a partner decided not to stay with me during this time.

Thanks to Anne, I was able to regain my self confidence, re-focus on myself and learned to process and express my feelings in a clear and constructive way. Her guidance and recommendations put me back on a positive and productive path.

She is such a genuine, caring and kind person that she counselled me for free during the lockdown because I was not able to work. With her valuable tools, guidance and support I now am a version of myself i can be proud of. She is an absolute legend and her sessions are the best part of my week!”

– Cathleen F- Mallorca

Cassandra says:Anne gave me very clear and practical guidance on investing in property, making the move to working remotely more and ultimately, being free from the fears and doubts in my head about moving countries and switching paths.

A session with her is a labour of love. Her kindness and care for the client clearly shine through. After one session with her, I took the necessary actions to learn about, and purchase my first property. With knowledge and information, fear of the unknown diminishes. Id highly recommend Anne.”

-Cassandra Lim
Director, International Recruitment Firm, Singapore.

Karen says:  “I came to Anne a couple of years ago for coaching sessions.

Having been in the yachting industry for 20 years I was ready to retire. I found myself land based and suddenly at a loss as to what to do.  I was frustrated being based in one place after travelling for so long.

Through Anne’s online coaching she helped me see a path I  could take that would be rewarding and fulfilling.

Since that time , I now run my own business with my partner which is interesting and still has connections with the travel industry . 

Thanks to Anne’s time, patience and guidance, I am now in a much better place.” 

– Karen Bowen, Australia

Lisa Says: “I am an ex yachtie (26 years to be exact), left yacht life to raise a family and am now through that stage in my life.  

I had been feeling overwhelmed for a while, had gone through a difficult six months and was stuck. Procrastination had taken over and I didn’t feel I had the tools to move forward. I needed help and at my age (mid 50s) it’s hard to go to a complete stranger. When I read that Anne was doing Coaching I felt this was worth a try and I was right.  

We did our sessions via Skype, which was perfect as I live in Ireland. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and am signing up for more. Anne has helped me implement some small changes that have made a huge impact.  

My circumstances are a little different as my husband is blind, so I am responsible for fixing and arranging most things at home. We worked out that by delegating as much as I could afford, it would free me up to cover the important tasks. This has helped immensely.  

We have covered many areas including fitness, exercise, weight loss as well as home organisation. Starting a food diary, trying Nordic walking, which is something I can do with my dogs, an aim to treat myself with a trek, when my fitness level is adequate, are all ideas that have come from coaching. Also stopping from time to time to see what progress I have made. I have come a long way and feel much more positive about the future.”

-Lisa Stein Hopkins, Northern Ireland.

Laura says: “Anne has helped me not only find the courage to embark on new adventures outside of yachting, but also helped me find crucial balance for life onboard as well! I’ve started a blog, written a book, work on boats, and even have time for a relationship!

I can honestly say that I enjoyed two out of the six years as professional yacht crew. Although there were many factors that made me continue on boats, the main reason for not leaving was fear. I had absolutely no self-esteem and no direction with what I could achieve off boats. Years of beds and heads and making cocktails took a serious toll on me. I couldn’t believe the passion and the truth Anne helped me to discover about myself. We battled fear, and self-doubt, and the outcome is an unrecognisable and unbelievable life.

Anne understands the lifestyle, she’s approachable, and best of all, working with Anne is genuinely effective.”

-Laura Provost, 28, Writer, blogger, yacht crew.

Miriam says: “I have done a number of coaching sessions now with Anna Nielsen and am finding them to be of great benefit. Each time we have sat down together I found that the next steps I needed to take in whatever aspect of my life, personal or work related, became clearer. Leaving me feeling more hopeful, focused and with clearer objectives. Exactly what I needed. Without any hesitation I would recommend Anna. I find her to be a very thorough, competent and professional life coach”.

-Miriam Mc Guinness ELA, Ireland.

B.L. says: “The coaching sessions with Anne were a delight. They helped me move on with some ideas and future plans for when I exit yachting permanently. The sessions brought clarity and motivated me to be proactive  in my exit strategy.”

-B.L. Professional yacht chef, France.

Anastasija says: “Anne is the first coach I have ever worked with and I am very happy with the results of our sessions. First time I came to her after experiencing a break up and she helped me to pick up the pieces and have an honest fresh look at myself and my life. Every time I went out from a session I had clarity about the situation and a list of actions I can take to improve my life in the area we worked on. She has also helped me with setting up the boundaries with my relatives and also with men and improve my self-esteem. Now I know that I am worthy of love and respect the way I am and I don’t have to prove it to anyone. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

– Anastasija Cibulevska, professional yacht chef, Mallorca, Spain.

Tess says: “I can be quite difficult sometimes, with a lot of therapy in my past and a library of self help books stored away in my inner self. I don’t think that I am the easiest of people to coach. Anna has, with great assurance, patience and wisdom helped me to see things differently, more clearly. It is a great testimony of Anna’s ability to get to the core of the matter and guide a somewhat reluctant student to the light! I have just finished reading all the other testimonials and agreeing whole heartedly with everyone’s praise of Anna, I am not sure what else I can add. The one thing I would like to say is this, if you are in need of a change in your life, more clarity and understanding of where and who you are and would like to make a break through, I am convinced that Anna will be the right coach for you. Thank you Anna, your coaching is tip top.”

-Tessa Baker, Artist, Provence, France.

Nicole says: “When I first went to Anna I was reaching the point of burn out and had important  tasks that had been sitting gathering dust for way too long were weighing me down. Not only did Anna help me towards practical goals and provide me with some accountability, but she led me towards uncovering some very important emotional issues which were more than likely the true cause  of the blocks I was experiencing.

In only 3 sessions I cleared my entire house of clutter, threw out many old, sentimental objects and pictures that were no longer serving me, and began to move towards putting myself first and prioritising my goals and tasks in a practical and achievable way.  The mountain ahead of me no longer seems impossible to climb! Thank you so much Anna, I look forward to continuing to work with you.”

-Nicole Eden, Teacher, Mallorca, Spain