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Upcoming event October 21st.

Burnout workshop!

Who is the workshop for:

This workshop is for those of us who have been through a long hard summer season either working on board yachts or in other employment.

The workshop is for you who experience some or all of the below:

  • Feel burnt out after a long hard season.
  • Feel challenged in your work relationships during the season.
  • Snap at others and are easily annoyed.
  • Feel challenged in coping with the workload and stress during the season.
  • Don’t feel like yourself (don’t recognise yourself anymore)
  • Harbour anger and resentments towards the ‘world’ and anyone in it, who are not on your ‘side’.
  • Feel exhausted bodily and mentally.
  • Have thoughts that keep repeating themselves like a movie in your mind.

What does this workshop offer you:

  • A safe space to speak freely about onboard/workplace problems.
  • Tools to help you cope better in your mind with the work load.
  • Learn how to change your reactions so you get the results you want.
  • Learn how to accept situations and people.

What will you gain?

  • Input on how to avoid conflict.
  • Acceptance.
  • More calmness and self control.
  • More control of your emotions.
  • An ability to cope calmly amongst the chaos.
  • More energy.

Workshop dates: Saturday 14th and Saturday 21st october, 2017.

Time: 10pm – 2 pm

Price:  €30

Where: Plz Progresso,  Palma de Mallorca.

Group size: Max 6

For bookings contact me directly on

Tel +34 650 730 793.


About me:

I worked on yachts for 20+ years as a chef as well as in villas and have huge amounts of experience with crew conflict, burnout and onboard stress during the long summer seasons. I understand first hand what it feels like to turn into another person who is exhausted, stressed, chaotic and full of conflict.

A realisation came one day that if I wanted to be happy and have some peace of mind, something had to change and it had to come from me. I realised I had to change, not the world around me. I started taking a keen interest in positive psychology and how to change my own reactions to situations occurring around me.

Life coaching has played a huge role in my self development, which has led me to become a ACTP certified life coach myself, obtained at Manning Inspire in Copenhagen. This has given me tools and insights into what can be done towards making real change in our lives.

That is why I would like to help those of you who are going through these emotions right now or have in the past,  to cope better with these difficult issues during the season, in a calm and controlled manner.

Hiking and coaching retreat: Scheduled for spring 2018

Painting and coaching retreat with artist Tessa Baker of Scheduled for spring 2018.